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Laundromat customer extinguishes dryer fire

A photo outside the business shows Sherwin Williams, left, and a smoke-filled Mr. Suds on the right.

The Arkadelphia Fire Department responded Thursday evening to a Pine Street laundromat to remove excessive smoke from the building.

At 7:20 p.m., firefighters were summoned to Mr. Suds at 1309 Pine St. for a report that the smoke-filled laundromat had moments later been the scene of an appliance fire. There were several occupants in the laundromat at the time, and one of them had used one of many fire extinguishers available in the building to douse the blaze, said AFD Capt. Ryan Wade.

Shortly after being dispatched, responding firemen were at the scene and spent the next half hour clearing the building with a smoke-removing fan. They also removed clothing that had been burnt in the dryer, which caught fire because of a clogged lint screen, Wade said.

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