Mr. Goodtime’s Hearsay Fishing Report

Mr. Goodtime Hearsay Fishing Report

By Lee Seale
Mr. Goodtime

I hope you’ve all had a great week. Well, the past four weeks we have discussed the top five must-haves of a fisherman. We have discussed reasons for having a good honey hole, the need to be in shape (which was my personal favorite), the need for good bait so you can fling it all over you Pops, and a good stand-by-her-man ol’ lady or wife. 

Those are all necessary for a fisherman.

Now, this week’s report will be a lot deeper, or that’s what I am shooting for anyway. Grab your popcorn and peanut butter and let’s get to it.

The number one necessity is God. That’s right: all the things we covered would not have happened without His help and sense of humor. How many times you have foul-hooked a fish and barely got him to the bank, or stepped over an old cottonmouth and not gotten bit? Well, that’s where The Man steps in.

Thank you, Lord, for not letting that happen or thank you, Lord, that’s a big fish. We have all said these things, right? Well, I know we are all guilty of not simply thanking Him for waking up or only thanking him when He helps us.

I want to challenge you this week to converse with my best friend, Jesus, and see how that next fishing trip goes when you pray prior to the trip. And remember He handles problems large and small, so if you just simply want to catch a lot of fish or something as big as wanting a new boat, reach out and talk to Him. I’m not saying it will for sure happen, but man does it help your odds!

So this week I know I let you down on the funny side of the report, but I just need to give you the top priority in any circumstance. Next week we will dig into a few hunting tips, or maybe we’ll stick to fishing — you never know.

So come on back and tell a friend about the report and whatever you do from now until then have a Goodtime doing it and God bless.

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