Mr. Goodtime’s Hearsay Fishing Report

By Lee Seale
Mr. Goodtime

Hey y’all, Mr. Goodtime back at it again. I’m super excited about this week’s story, and I hope y’all are too. 

Counting down to the Number 3 must-have of a fisherman is some real good bait, or baits if bass fishing is your cup of tea. This round we are talking about some good old secret recipe stink bait. 

My old man used to make his own bait, and if I say so myself it worked pretty good; but you most definitely did not want to get it on you because it would have you stinking for a week! It would not wash off, as they say.

My dad and I went to the Arkansas River one night fishing, having a real good time (or at least he was) catching fish left and right. Now keep in mind my dad is a bit of a clean freak and always had everything to a T, so he never had to worry about getting the bait on him. 

I’m just kinda hanging out with my pops, ya know, quality time. As I said he was catching and I was having no luck, so I thought to myself, Well maybe I just need to stuff more of the stink bait on my hook. The thought process being more bait more fish, right? Wrong thing to do!

I loaded that hook up with as much as it would hold then I reared back and let her fly. I was sitting there pretty content, waiting on a bite. I noticed my dad had just abruptly stopped talking so after a minute or two I turned around and said, “What’s wrong, Dad?” He was just sitting there (in shock, I guess). He looked up at me and said, “You just flung that all over me!” It was not the perfect time to laugh, but I could not help myself. 

See, when I cast I remembered hearing something that sounded like a hand full of dog food had hit the water behind me and thought nothing of it. But it was my bait peppering everything behind me, including my good ol dad — and that’s the quickest way to end a fishing trip I have ever seen. 

I do not recommend trying it, though, seeing as how it was not funny whatsoever to him. But the moral of the story is it was really good bait for both parties seeing as I was ready to leave and he has caught a lot of fish with it. 

Next week we will discuss Number 2 on the list, which is a good ol lady or wife to support your fishing habits.

Until then, whatever you do have a “goodtime” doing it and God bless.

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