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Volunteers needed for Clark County Fair

The annual Clark County Fair is a weeklong event that showcases a wide variety of workmanship completed by your neighbors throughout the county since the past fair. 

And the entire event is put together by volunteers.

“Most people don’t realize the Clark County Fair Association is completely made up of volunteers,” said Jennifer Hawthorn, fair co-treasurer. “And we’re always in the market for new volunteers.”

The Fair Board meets once a month throughout most of the year and has one to two fundraisers each year. These fundraisers include a dessert auction and a chili supper, typically held in January or February. These events help to fund the annual fair in conjunction with renting fairground buildings and the fair itself.

Fair Board volunteers also hold several workdays throughout the year to work on specific things that need to be done, especially in preparation for the fair, Hawthorn said. “There’s always work to be done,” she said. “There is a lot of upkeep and maintenance to be done year-round to keep our facilities maintained. Buildings have to be prepared, tables have to be set up, and we always need help with parking during the fair.”

To become a Fair Board volunteer, contact Hawthorn at (870) 403-1402.