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VIDEO: Dumpster blaze at APD

A dispatcher at the Arkadelphia Police Department was the one calling for emergency assistance Tuesday afternoon, as a garbage bin caught fire in the APD parking lot.

Video courtesy of Sgt. Don Cleek/APD

APD criminal investigator Sgt. Don Cleek tells The Arkadelphian that someone entered the police department’s lobby and notified them the bin was smoking. Police Chief Jason “Shorty” Jackson went out to check out the report and noticed the smoke was beginning to turn into a blaze. Jackson then moved dispatcher Rosey Clemmons’ vehicle, which was parked near the burning receptacle.

“He got Rosey’s keys and moved her car away from it,” Cleek said. “That’s when she called the fire department and they showed up and put it out.” Arkadelphia Fire Chief Jason Hunt was first on scene.

Cleek said he did not suspect the fire was set intentionally.