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Arkadelphia school supplies list

Arkadelphia Public Schools has released its list of school supplies for K-8 students during the 2023-24 school year. The school district reminds parents to reference the official list when using the list provided on the Walmart app, as not all items on the app list are required.

The Arkansas Tax Free Holiday will be this Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 5-6. For more information on which items will be exempt during Arkansas’ Tax-Free Weekend, click here.

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The 15th Annual Men United Back-to-School Round-Up will be held Friday, Aug. 11, at the CADC Building.

Perritt Primary School

• Germ-X
• Lysol wipes
• Kleenex
• Standard-size backpack
• Paper towels
• Ziploc bags (quart- and gallon-sized)

Instructional supplies will be provided by Perritt Primary.

Peake Elementary School

• Pencils
• Scissors
• One package of wide-ruled notebook paper
• Zippered pencil bag
• Ruler
• One 3-pronged pocket folder
• 3 boxes of facial tissue
• Earbuds/headphones
• Backpack (no rolling backpacks)
• Germ-X

Binders, dividers/tabs, composition notebooks, glue sticks, and colored pencils/crayons will be provided by the school to all students.

Goza Middle School

6th grade

To be shared for all CORE classes: Math, Science, Social Studies, Literacy
• Pencil bag/pouch
• Set of colored pencils
• Pencils
• Pair of inexpensive earbuds
• Two 1 1/2″ binders
• 1 package of notebook paper
• 1 composition notebook (not spiral)

7th-8th grade

All students should bring a bottle of hand sanitizer and two boxes of facial tissues to their first-period class along with the following supplies:

• 3-ring binder (1 1/2 or 2 inches)
• Loose leaf notebook paper
• 1 package of 5-tab dividers
• 3-ring pencil pouch
• 3 glue sticks
• 1 set of colored pencils
• Wireless mouse (optional)
• Wired earbuds/headphones (they must be wired; no Airpods or Bluetooth)

Other supplies
• Backpack (no rolling backpacks)
• 2 boxes of facial tissue
• Goza T-shirts are available by order from the office. Students are encouraged to wear them on Thursdays.

• Pocket folder with prongs, pencils

• Tennis shoes (no Crocs or slides will be allowed)
• 1 box facial tissue

A $40 fee will cover the following materials
• Band T-shirt
• 3-ring binder
• Beginner book
• Concert music
• Instrument tag

A $15 fee will cover the following materials
• 3-ring black binder
• Pink Pearl eraser
• Box of facial tissue

Arkadelphia High School

The supply list for Arkadelphia High School will be distributed beginning at the AHS Open House since school supplies vary with each course. 

For more information on school supplies, check your school’s Facebook page or contact their office.

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