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Dispatch Desk: Monday, Oct. 10

The following incidents were gathered from reports filed at the Arkadelphia Police Department and Clark County Sheriff’s Office. Names of arrested individuals were collected at the Clark County Detention Center on Crittenden Street in Arkadelphia. They are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. The Arkadelphian does not withhold names from the arrest log, so don’t even think about asking.

Arkadelphia Police Department

Sunday, Oct. 9
12:54 p.m.
Officers responded to the Baptist Health Medical Center emergency room, where a woman was being treated for a dog bite to her face that she had received while rounding the corner of her Main Street apartment quadplex. She suffered injuries to her eye and cheek.

4:05 p.m.
The manager of Brookshire’s reported the theft of 27 cans of baby formula, valued at $800, among other undetermined merchandise. Security footage revealed two unknown females wearing headdresses stuff the cans into their dresses and leave the store in a black KIA.

Saturday, Oct. 8
1:56 a.m.
Investigating why someone was walking behind a building at this time, an officer arrested a man at the 100 block of North 10th Street for public intoxication. He said he was just outside having a smoke and a pee, but had already urinated on himself.

Police investigated a report of breaking or entering and sealed it as a felony case.

10 a.m.
Officers were summoned to the Youth Sports Complex to talk to a woman whose estranged husband had been following her around. Contact was made with the soon-to-be ex, who agreed to leave her alone.

7:55 p.m.
Officers responded to a residence on North 25th Street for a psychiatric episode.

Police worked a case of a runaway juvenile.

Friday, Oct. 7
8 a.m.
A Main Street woman reported a known female took her vehicle without permission. The car was returned by way of a tow service, as the person who took the vehicle had been arrested for DWI.

Thursday, Oct. 6
7:14 p.m.
An officer took a delayed report of an incident at a Phillips Street residence in which two pushy “salesmen” made their way into a home to sell a lady vinyl flooring. The pair eventually left after numerous requests, and drove away in a white Chevrolet pickup truck.

Clark County Sheriff’s Office

Saturday, Oct. 8
2 a.m.
A clerk at Valley Exxon, 144 Valley St., reported an 18-wheeler struck a fuel pump and drove up on a concrete guard rail. A witness said he attempted to flag down the driver at a nearby restaurant, but he drove off, headed eastbound on I-30.

10 p.m.
An Ashdown woman reported an 18-wheeler ran her into the I-30 median near the 54 mile-marker.

Sunday, Oct. 9
3:09 a.m.
A deputy arrested a man at Moon Valley Road, Gurdon, for DWI after a caller advised a vehicle stopped in the middle of the road, the driver asleep.

Arrests in Clark County

Friday, Oct. 7
Candace Brook Thompson, 29, was arrested for a parole violation.

Joseph Jarrod Harrington, 32, was arrested for failure to pay child support.

Saturday, Oct. 8
Steven Dean Brown, 70, was arrested by Arkadelphia police for public intoxication.

Justin Bradley Elmer, 33, was arrested by Gurdon police for DWI (booking time 1:45 a.m.)

Justin Bradley Elmer, 33, was arrested by Gurdon police for public intoxication (booking time 6:19 p.m.)

Sunday, Oct. 9
Aaron Taylor, 27, was arrested for DWI and careless and prohibited driving.

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