Letter: Two ordinances on table for sales tax guidelines

Urgent EDCCC ordinance at the Quorum Court meeting Dec. 13 Monday at 5:30 p.m. at the Clark County District Courtroom.

Please attend the QC meeting to help make public awareness over this 1/2-cent sales tax for economic development. At this meeting the QC will have two resolutions. 

One by Spud Buscher, which essentially gives all the money to the EDCCC for the next 15 years with no oversight by the QC.

The second one, by Jenna Scott, allows the EDCCC to set the guidelines but all of those must be approved by the QC. It makes them do annual contracts, with bidding, and makes them present all financials quarterly. This resolution by far has the most oversight by the QC, the actual elected officials, and the most transparency to the general public.

Please contact your Justice of the Peace for the QC and let them know how you feel and hopefully the public will be allowed to speak at this meeting as well.

— Cassie Gonzales, Arkadelphia

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