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Masked Amity man claiming to be deputy rapes woman, says victim

Jimmy Curtis Palmer

Charges were filed this week against an Amity, Arkansas man who identified himself as a deputy sheriff before raping a woman


Authorities in Clark County say that Jimmy Curtis Palmer is responsible for raping a female in her home. Court documents released this week note that Palmer, 55, was the victim’s houseguest, staying overnight on a couch when the incident happened.

According to an affidavit, Palmer rose from the couch and covered his face with a black cloth, with holes cut for eyes, and identified himself as a member of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office as he entered the female’s bedroom.

He allegedly attempted to use zip ties to restrain the woman before commencing the act, during which he put her in a choke hold to restrict her breathing, the victim would later tell investigators as she provided them with the zip ties and face covering Palmer used during the attack.

Palmer is not affiliated with the sheriff’s office, according to documents in the case file.

He faces one count of rape, a Class Y felony punishable by 10 years to life in prison. Prosecutors are seeking an enhancement on the sentencing given Palmer’s status as a convicted felon; his previous felony offenses include drug charges and property theft.

Investigator Sherry Cleek pursued the case.

Palmer has been in custody at the Clark County Detention Center since his Aug. 16 arrest.

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