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Jason Watson: Readers Choice Man of the Year

By HALEY GRIFFIN | Special to The Arkadelphian

Jason Watson, a six-term sheriff of Clark County, Arkansas, was voted Man of the Year by the readers of | Joel Phelps/The Arkadelphian

Clark County Sheriff Jason Watson’s dedication to the community has earned him the title of Man of the Year in a contest by the readers of

The past year has been a big one for the six-term sheriff — not only did he launch an investigation that would bring justice to several young girls, but he also had a proud father moment as he walked his daughter down the aisle at her wedding. Last June, Watson was on the brink of closing an investigation that would end a quarter century of abuse from a serial child rapist. He got the green light on June 9 to arrest the suspect. Just a day later, the sheriff would walk his daughter Hannah down the aisle at her wedding.

Watson places great value on the community and is endowed to serve as Sheriff. “The community definitely has impacted my life by allowing me to be the sheriff,” he said. “I’ll never take that for granted.”

Come December he will be the second-longest-serving sheriff in Clark County since the 1890s, a testament to his commitment and influence.

Watson’s legacy as sheriff will be of one who served organizations that benefit children. He works closely with the Percy and Donna Malone Child Safety Center, the Summer Cereal Drive and the Angel Tree program.

“I have been so blessed to be the sheriff here,” Watson admits. “While there are times that it runs smoothly, there are also times when it seems like nothing is going right. However, I always remember the belief that this community has placed in me, as well as the many members of law enforcement and the judicial system that I have had the opportunity of working next to. We truly have the best of the best and I am grateful to be selected for Man of the Year, although there are many deserving and hardworking individuals in our community.” 

No matter what situation arises, Watson strives to be the epitome of fairness and leadership. Watson is currently working to bring a central dispatch program to the community. It would instantly allow all agencies to operate and network information in a more time-efficient manner, and provide faster response to citizens and safety to first responders.

Having been in law enforcement for more than 27 years and sheriff for 13 years, Watson has earned the title of Man of the Year. He added: “My wife Amy, my daughter Hannah, and my son-in-law Cade sharing this career with me is just a great blessing. I thank them and everyone who voted in order to give me this honor.”

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