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REAL ESTATE: Arkadelphia nursing home changes hands

Clark County real estate transactions recorded Aug. 1-12 having a value of $100,000 or greater. Information is gathered from public records held by the Clark County Circuit Clerk and Data Scout. The Arkadelphian includes names of grantees, grantors, transaction price, property description when available, and mortgage information, and does not withhold names.

Christopher and Abbi Clinton purchased a 2,169 SF home at 1705 Westgate Circle, Arkadelphia, for $207,500 on July 22 by warranty deed. The Clintons purchased the home from Cheryl Massey, who in 2019 bought the Druid Hills Addition property for $145,000. The transaction is being financed by a mortgage of $186,750 with FirstTrust Home Loans, Inc.

RSD LLC purchased an apartment complex and two commercial buildings on the 1300 block of North 10th Street for $314,000 on July 27. The transaction includes a 4,947 SF two-story apartment building, a 6,304 SF commercial building and a 3,902 commercial building. The property previously belonged to Four Friends LLC, which purchased it for $130,000 in 2014. The latest transaction is being financed by a mortgage of $312,000 with Merchants & Farmers Bank.

The Arkansas State Highway Commission purchased the former location of Cannon Auto, 135 N. 10th St., Arkadelphia, for $146,151 on July 22 by warranty deed. That transaction includes a 2,485 SF commercial building, which will be demolished as part of a street improvement project.

The Carolyn Ann Moore Irrevocable Trust purchased a 1,530 SF brick home at 2606 Sylvia St., Arkadelphia, for $179,500 on Aug. 4. The home last switched hands in 2006, when Delphia Egger purchased the property, located in the Gary Addition of Arkadelphia, for $125,000. There is no mortgage information available for the latest transaction.

Arkadelphia Realty Holdings LLC purchased the Courtyard Gardens nursing home, 2701 Twin Rivers Dr., Arkadelphia, for $5.98 million by special warranty deed on Aug. 4. The 5-acre parcel includes a 55,890 SF facility and last changed hands in 2009 for $4.8 million. The nursing home exchanged hands in 2006 and 2003 for $4.7 million and $4.9 million, respectively, after the land was purchased in 1997 for $295,000. The previous owner was 2701 Twin Rivers Drive LLC. The new owners are registered with the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office with Dov Braun as manager and Mark Fuchs as organizer. The latest transaction is being financed by a mortgage of $19.88 million with Merchants Bank of Indiana and Monticello Realty Holdings LLC.

Brandon and Phylicica Carter purchased a 1,668 SF home at 1806 Millcreek Dr., Arkadelphia, by warranty deed on Aug. 9 for $196,900. The previous owner, Mary Jane Cooper, originally purchased the land in 2004 for $23,000 and built the home in 2005. The Carters are financing the transaction with a mortgage through Everett Financial for the full amount.

Gregory and Alex Henthorn purchased 18.42 acres of timberland on state Highway 8 between Calvin and Kirksey roads. The Aug. 1 purchase was made by warranty deed for a $186,900 price tag. The land had previously been purchased in 2004 by Carl and Ruby Zinn for $14,000. The Henthorns are financing the transaction by a mortgage of $189,782 with Farmers Bank & Trust.

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  1. Courtyard spent way too much buying the property due to the fact the food for the patients is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. Half the time you can not tell what the lunch or dinner is which is just sad! Do better Courtyard I do not care who has it now do better!!!!!!!!